“I feel like a Roman Gladiator going into the ring on a night shift. Everyone is clapping for you, but you’re pitting yourself against a deadly disease without the proper pay and protection.”
Tabitha, Care Worker

Tabitha, a care worker and Citizens UK leader, is one of the amazing key workers who is helping to keep the country running. Over the past few months we have raised the praise for our key workers every Thursday at 8pm. Now is the time to raise their wage.


Matt Hancock,
Secretary of State for
Health and Social Care

I am writing to you concerned about Care Workers who are at the frontline of the Covid-19 crisis.

Tabitha is a Care Worker and leader at Citizens UK. Like many key workers, she became ill with Covid-19 and for 29 days couldn’t work. She had to rely on food donations from friends and neighbours. She is on a zero hours contract on minimum wage, which left her with no safety net.

There are almost 1 million Care Workers on the frontline like Tabitha who are putting themselves at risk to care and support our communities. They are not doing this FOR the money – they are doing this because they have to. But they’re not an afterthought or a footnote. We need to ensure social care is funded and all care workers receive a real Living Wage.

As the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, I urge you to act for our nation’s Social Care Workers - by funding social care with the £1.4 billion estimated as needed to bring all care sector staff up onto the real Living Wage.

We have clapped for our Care Workers, now let’s act for them and give them a real Living Wage.

I look forward to hearing your reply.

Your sincerely,